Vetroplas Packaging Ltd is the exclusive distributor for Eurovetrocap of Milan and, as such, has been seeing for some time high demand for both aluminium caps, lids and accessories, as well as for those with a metallised finish.

Silver is by far the most popular colour and has been specified by many customers. Vetroplas can, however, also achieve a customised coloured finish on aluminium components and metallised items.

Vetroplas has, therefore, been working hard to increase the number of items across its range that can be made available with both an aluminium cover or a metallised finish. Both offer a premium look and feel to any pack, glass or plastic.

Vetroplas’ best selling 50ml Laurence and Laurence Flat jars are now both available with aluminium covered lids. There are also new metallised lid options for the 50ml Laurence jar.

For glass and plastic skincare bottles, there are now two different styles of pipette cosmetic dropper with an aluminium covered collar.

To find out about these items, and other ways of customising your cosmetics packaging, please contact Vetroplas on 01603 305953 or