As UK sales agent for European tube manufacturing specialist, CTLpack, Vetroplas are now able to offer all new mono material PE extruded tubes and flip top caps.

As part of CTLpack’s ongoing effort to offer a wide range of sustainable tube options, the new polyethylene (PE) low profile flip top caps can be combined with a PE sleeve to provide a fully recyclable tube.

Where previously the cap would have been produced in polypropylene (PP) to make separation of cap and tube sleeve a requirement for efficient disposal, the new PE caps make this redundant.

This is especially important, as with CTL’s tubes, when the flip top caps have an orientated snap on fitment.

Furthermore, CTLpack’s first flip top caps to benefit from being offered in PE are the new low profile versions called Minitop. Not only can they now form part of a mono material tube pack, but they offer a visual point of difference, whilst using less material and producing a lighter product.

The extruded tube sleeve with PE low profile flip top caps can also be supplied in a lighter weight version (ECO-f). With a reduced sleeve thickness of 0.4mm when compared with 0.6mm for the standard version, this combination represents a total weight reduction across cap and sleeve of 28% – 17.8g against 22.4g.

This new low profile flip top cap can be offered in the most commonly used diameters of 35mm, 40mm and 50mm, meaning that CTLpack can provide mono material tubes with lightweight flip top caps in fill sizes of 40ml – 250ml.

For even further sustainability all of CTLpack’s PE tube sleeves can be produced with up to 50% PCR material.


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