As UK sales agent for Silgan Dispensing’s range of foam pumps, Vetroplas are happy to announce that the best-selling packs are now available with recycled material.

The handheld main size F2 pump and its travel size version M3 can now both be supplied with recycled polypropylene (PP). This highly requested development allows brands to use the foam pump packs whilst lowering environmental impact and helping to conform with legislation.

For both the F2 and M3 models the moulded parts – base cap and actuator – can now be produced in recycled PP, allowing also for colour matched components. The overcaps can also be produced in the recycled PP material.

Depending on the pump configuration, PCR content will account for approximately 38-42% of the total weight of the pump, including all internal parts.

Silgan’s foamers use a precise mixture of liquid and air to dispense a creamy, rich propellant-free formulation, reducing any negative environmental impact of aerosols.

Additionally, using less water than traditional liquid solutions, foam based products are easy to both apply and rinse on face, hands and hair.

All of the various pack formats offered by Silgan (handheld, travel size and table top) offer the same benefits:

propellant-free instant foam with a single gesture

intuitive and smooth actuation

stable foam quality and precise dosage

Foam density can be tailored to suit each customer’s needs by using various combinations of engine output and mesh size.

Furthermore, an actuator called Velvet has been developed specifically for skin care products as it allows for an extremely rich, dense and soft foam to add a sense of luxury and perceived added value.

Combined with a range of standard bottles in HDPE, PP and PET, plus decoration services to include colour matching, silk screen printing, metallisation and hot foil stamping etc. customers are able to benefit from a one stop shop facility when ordering their desired foamer.

If you would like to know more about the supply of these new items please feel free to get in touch at or 01603 305953.