Eco friendly company, Elmkind, turned to Vetroplas to supply aluminium bottles that support its mission to introduce greener packaging to the cleaning product market.

The new aluminium bottles are sustainable, reusable and refillable which will help to counteract the current serious shortage of eco friendly cleaning products in green packaging. The products are hand made in house using real natural plant based ingredients, which are both locally sourced and organic where possible, as well as being vegan friendly and cruelty free. An attractive recycling scheme will also ensure value for money and responsible use of packaging.

The aluminium bottles are the latest addition to Vetroplas’ range of packaging. Benefitting from excellent green credentials, this versatile range has been the subject of a great deal of interest from customers operating in various sectors.

The bottles are available with both FEA15 crimp necks and various industry standard screw necks, offering very good barrier properties and protection from light and moisture. This makes them suitable for a variety of products, including perfume and skincare.

Bottles can be offered with different shoulder profiles and in a wide choice of sizes from 50ml to 750ml.  A high degree of personalisation is also possible though the use of up to date decoration techniques, such as full colouring, offset printing, foil stamping and embossing.

Providing packaging that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing is increasingly important and, for our customers, the aluminium range ticks all the eco boxes whilst also offering a distinctive, modern and highly practical packaging solution.

To find out more about these items and other packaging offered by Vetroplas, please call the sales team on 01603 305953 or e-mail