As UK agent for Albea’s range of foam dispensers, Vetroplas is pleased to announce the latest innovation in a fast expanding sector.

The market for foam dispensers continues to grow at an encouraging rate as manufacturers and consumers appreciate the many advantages: foam sticks to the skin, it’s easy to spread and is easy to rinse, and there is no need to create a foam as it is dispensed directly onto the skin!

Innovation, quality and service are three reasons why you should choose Albea’s foamers. Computer engineered and using sophisticated, proven technology, they create a precise mixture of liquid and air.

Each and every foamer we ship is guaranteed to operate with flawless precision for the life of the product.

The new, patented Ezi foamer is ideally suited to many applications, including hand soap, baby care, bath and body, household care, hair care, facial care and sun care.

Ezi foamer is non aerosol and works without chemicals or propellants. A single easy squeeze actuation creates instant, creamy rich foam with no priming needed. Single handed operation makes it ideal for bath applications, including permitting Mum or Dad to tend to baby.

Two distinct dispenser styles are available: a push/pull cap and a flip top cap, both allowing the pack to stand on its head.

With full technical support and product compatibility testing available, Vetroplas is ready to respond to your foamer enquiries. Contact us on 01603 305953 or