The new 50ml Licata jar has been developed in collaboration with our long-standing Italian factory partner, Eurovetrocap, and it represents the first true cosmetic ‘green set’.

It is the first cosmetic jar in the world made from more than 75% post consumer recycled glass. This percentage rises to 90% when post production recycled glass is included.

Fittingly, the jar has the typical dark green colour obtained from the use of recycled glass collected from bottle banks, benefitting from a 99% UV barrier.

Another major advantage and sign of its green credentials is the fact that its manufacture allows a reduction of up to 36% of CO2 emissions when compared with producing the same item in non-recycled transparent glass.

This jar combines perfectly with the Licata PP lid in 100% post industrial recycled material, and the shive in 100% bio green PE.

The Licata jar is available to order now, and is a response to the real challenge of developing environmentally sustainable packaging solutions; green is, after all, the ultimate colour for natural products.

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