With aluminium continuing to grow in popularity as a choice for packaging across a number of sectors, including personal care, cosmetics, drinks and household, we are pleased to announce a new profile of bottle from our Spanish factory partner, Envases.

In line with a strategy of continuous innovation and a passion for providing new diversified possibilities within our extensive range of aluminium bottles, we are happy to present our new EXTRA FLAT shoulder. This angle is significantly more pronounced than the current flat shoulder.

This new, contemporary and state-of-the-art shoulder is similar in design to other ranges we already supply in glass and plastic. Not only does it provide a great aesthetic fit with many types of closure, it also permits easier integration of an aluminium bottle into a wider range of other products having a similar profile.

These new bottles will be available in sizes 45ml – 150ml with a 24/410 screw thread and in two diameters: 35mm and 40mm.

In addition to aluminium being infinitely recyclable, these packs can also be offered in recycled material. The latter does not require any compromises in terms of decoration either;  full offset and silk screen print technology can be paired with full colouring to enhance brand identity.

For further details, samples and quotes please feel free to get in touch.

To find out more about these items and other packaging offered by Vetroplas, please call the sales team on 01603 305953 or e-mail info@vetroplas.com.