A revolutionary new foam dispenser for the cosmetics, toiletries and personal care markets is now available and is being brought to the UK and Ireland by Vetroplas and its manufacturing partner for foamers, Albéa.

The EZ’R patented foaming flip top cap is the innovation of Albea’s Alkmaar facility in the Netherlands, the world’s number one supplier of high quality foamers.

This latest innovation means consumers can quickly and conveniently dispense a constant, high quality stream of foam through a flip top cap, when squeezing the bottle upside down with just one hand – a feature which is completely unique. The dispenser is ideal for a variety of applications including facial care, cosmetics, baby care, self-tan, shampoos and shower gels, sun care and much more.

Cosmetics packaging experts, Vetroplas, is Albéa’s appointed agent for its world leading range of foam pumps for the UK and Ireland. And early product demonstrations have generated positive feedback from the company’s cosmetics clients.

Simon Dix, Sales Director at Vetroplas, comments: “The EZ’R foam dispenser is an exciting new product to market and a completely innovative method of dispensing foam products. Our clients are excited to see the possibilities this can bring to their product ranges. And we’re looking forward to showcasing this radical new packaging across our customer base.”

Developed and manufactured in Alkmaar (Holland) and Thomaston (U.S.) the bottle has a snap-on flip top cap and is designed for a one-stop filling process.

To achieve greater on-shelf differentiation, EZ’R provides unlimited design possibilities, across bottle and flip top caps, and all available in the UK and Ireland through Vetroplas.

The new technology also boasts strong green credentials; the method by which foam is dispensed reduces water consumption by up to 22 per cent when compared with liquid soap products. EZ’R also needs up to 65 per cent less formula per body wash usage, allowing a packaging size reduction of around 50 per cent, freeing up supply chain and shelf space.

Albéa has the world’s most comprehensive range of instant foam dispensing solutions, suitable for every application and is the world’s number one supplier of high quality foamers. More than two billion Albéa foamers have already been sold worldwide.

Vetroplas has been Albéa’s appointed UK agent since 2010.

To request a sample, or product demonstration, please contact Vetroplas on 01603 305953.