Hot on the heels of the recently launched Parigi all plastic, single polymer push button dropper, we are pleased to present the new pipette style Minerbio Mono dropper. As its name suggests, this new version of our traditional dropper is monomaterial (PP), a feature that makes it recyclable at the end of its life cycle through existing recycling channels.

While the Parigi dropper, developed with the same purpose, is innovative both in design and use, the Minerbio Mono adopts the codes of classic droppers whilst incorporating an eco dimension previously absent. With its launch, we reaffirm our commitment to making eco-design accessible to all our customers.

We are launching the Minerbio Mono dropper with two standard dip tube lengths to fit our existing classic 15ml and 30ml Laura premium glass bottles.

As for the composition of each separate component, the bulb in PP has a satin finish and leverages the properties of an innovative polymer giving it maximum flexibility.

The PP collar is available in both a matt and gloss finish and it can also be produced in recycled PIR PP.

The PP dip tube features a straight, slightly conical shape, a pencil tip, and an excellent level of translucency thanks to the material chosen for its production, and it is assembled with the collar and PP bulb like the classic glass pipettes.

Another benefit of both the bulb and collar being produced in PP is that we are able to offer colour matching on each item, further broadening design possibilities.

While virgin glass is recyclable, and to further aid sustainability goals, the Laura 15ml and 30ml bottles are also available in 90% recycled glass – 60% PCR and 30% PIR – maximising green credentials of the complete dropper pack.


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