Vetroplas are pleased to introduce the new Tokyo auto loading cosmetics dropper, further enriching its range of innovative solutions for serums and makeup formulas.

Characterised by its simple and sleek design, and with its automatic filling function, Tokyo stands out from traditional vertical push button style droppers, such as our existing Bologna and Emy.

This new dropper is available now with two standard dip tube lengths to fit our existing premium glass bottles: 15ml and 30ml Laura.

However, the Tokyo dropper can be produced with any glass pipette length with a minimum order quantity of 10,000 units.

The internal bulb of the dropper is made of silicone, a soft material facilitating easy product dispensing and allowing for effortless button pressing.

While virgin glass is recyclable, and to further aid sustainability goals, it is worth noting that the Laura 15ml and 30ml bottles are also available in 90% recycled glass – 60% PCR and 30% PIR – maximising green credentials of the complete dropper pack.


For further details on these new items please feel free to get in touch on 01603 305953 or