We have previously referenced some of the initiatives taken by our factory partner, Eurovetrocap, as part of its ongoing mission to create sustainable pack options. These have now been collated into one catalogue and brand name: Zero In Pack (ZIP).

For over three decades Eurovetrocap has been a leading supplier providing packaging solutions for skincare, hair care, make up and fragrance, combining Italian design with state-of-the-art decoration techniques.

The company’s R&D and Design Department has been striving to provide pack options with a lower environmental impact and minimal compromise on functionality and aesthetics. This aim is being achieved using the following strategies: weight reduction, use of recycled materials, refillables, and recyclability of materials.

ZIP benefits from a specialised team highly focused on these solutions and their integration within the overall sales and marketing strategy and product range. This range, plus more detailed analyses of the impact of the various options, can be seen using this link to the new ZIP catalogue.

Zero In•Pack Catalogue (eurovetrocap.com)

If you would like a hard copy please get in touch with us.


To find out more about these items and other packaging offered by Vetroplas, please call the sales team on 01603 305953 or e-mail info@vetroplas.com.