With interest in aluminium bottles for use in the cosmetic, perfumery and toiletries sectors still growing, our Spanish factory partner, Envases, has continued to invest in new decoration technologies enabling greater product personalisation and on-shelf standout.

The environmental benefits and full recyclability of aluminium are well known and, with these decoration possibilities, we can offer a sustainable pack without compromising on aesthetics.

At the recent Luxepack exhibition in Monaco 2022, for example, Envases showcased a set of two aluminium bottles including exclusive decoration technologies: an embossed ‘window’ with a gloss logo on a fully matt background, two colour stamping (silver and gold) protected by a gloss varnish on a fully matt background, and gloss lines on a matt background to
obtain a remarkable contrast with the specific varnishes.

These technologies were presented on a bottle with a 1 inch opening with an aluminium collar and closure, plus one with a FEA15 crimp neck for perfumery. We are able to apply these techniques equally to bottles with screw threads.

We believe these examples show the wide variety of customisation possible and the resulting premium appeal of such an aluminium bottle.

To understand how we can make your brand look unique in aluminium bottles please feel free to request further details.



To find out more about these items and other packaging offered by Vetroplas, please call the sales team on 01603 305953 or e-mail info@vetroplas.com.