In response to calls for more sustainable packaging solutions, Vetroplas and its partners are now offering an ever increasing range of recycled materials. Availability and use of such materials is on the increase and we have showcased some examples:


Cosmetic glass can now contain various percentages of recycled material whilst maintaining a clear aesthetic demanded by premium skincare brands. The level of transparency is comparable to that of virgin glass, with only the trained eye able to note any difference. The proportion of crushed waste glass varies according to the item and is often topped up with the addition of closed loop waste, for example 60% PCR and 30% PIR.

The premium cosmetic range of Laura glass bottles from Italian factory partner, Eurovetrocap, is already offered with this 90% recycled material: 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.


The use of aluminium within the cosmetics and personal care sectors continues to accelerate. Even in its virgin form A5 aluminium is already widely and infinitely recyclable. Approximately 75% of all aluminium produced for the last 100 years is still in use in some format today.

Through its Spanish factory partner, Envases, Vetroplas offers its complete range from 50ml to 750ml also in recycled material. Bottles can be made with 25%, 50% or even 100% PCR aluminium. To date, all of the customers wanting PCR have opted for the 100% content. This comes at only a relatively small price premium when compared with virgin material and tests have shown no negative impact on performance of the bottle, liner or decoration.


CTLpack, factory partner for tubes, has long offered extruded PE tubes with 50% recycled content in the sleeves. For most diameters this can also be maintained in each PE layer when making 5 layer coextruded tubes.

Elliptical tubes as well as cylindrical tubes are available with this green solution so there is no compromise in terms of design for your products.

CTLpack are now increasingly offering tube heads also with PCR content. Not all heads are yet available in this form so please check with us first for any such inquiry.


Regarding foam dispensers, manufacturing partner, Silgan Alkmaar, is also moulding all of the plastic parts of its best selling instant foam pump (F2) in PCR PP.

With the base cap, nozzle and overcap all made in recycled material we can declare that the pump contains 75% of PCR material overall.

There is a choice of colours: light grey (white colourant), grey (no colourant) and black and, with the addition of PCR PE bottles, a sustainable foamer can be used for a variety of applications.


If you have any questions about the above items please feel free to get in touch at or 01603 305953.