Vetroplas is happy to announce an even wider choice of cosmetics droppers in new materials: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), nitrillic rubber, natural rubber and silicone.

The demand for stylish glass bottles with droppers has continued to grow over the past few years. The ability to accurately dispense a measured dose of product onto a specific area has led to the growth of a large range of cosmeceutical products and serums.

In response to the demand, Vetroplas is pleased to offer new bulb materials for its pipette style droppers: ‘Minerbio’ and ‘Rimini’.

The popular Minerbio dropper, available with plastic, UV metallised and aluminium covered collars, can now be supplied with a bulb in nitrilic rubber and silicone, all in addition to the existing PVC standard.

Furthermore, a new wooden collar is also available on the dropper to further broaden the appeal of this form of dispensing whilst offering a luxurious and natural feel.

The new Rimini dropper with its more rounded bulb style is offered with an aluminium covered collar and a bulb in a ‘soft touch’ TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material.

The range of droppers offered by Vetroplas is further enhanced by the addition of the ‘Bologna’ push button style, offering the same function as the pipettes, but wrapped up in an alternative form.

Customers can benefit from a wide choice of pack styles as all of the droppers have the same internal thread, enabling them to be paired with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 

For further information on the dropper range and other packaging offered by Vetroplas, please call the sales team on 01603 305953 or email